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Migrate from RocketChat to Mattermost

There are no existing tools to migrate from rocketchat to mattermost. So we have to make one.

Mattermost provides import with the bulk loading command.

RocketChat data is provided as mongodb dump (bson files) and file attachments.


make v
v/bin/rocketless --team_name shouting --rocketchat_data ~/shouting-data -o mm-import-data

# start mattermost (data is not persisted on stop)
make start-mattermost

# wait for http://localhost:8065 to load

# create a user with username "user" and password "Password1@"
make add-user  # or create the first admin user though the ui

make import-to-mattermost

# the import will take a while
# you can browse the ui while the import runs

# to stop mattermost
make stop-mattermost

# to restart mattermost
make restart-mattermost


Everything has to be migrated.

  • Users
  • Channels/Rooms
  • Messages
  • Attachments
  • Custom emoji

Data Formats

RocketChat data is exported as bson and files. Mattermost Bulk Import format is in JSONL. Mattermost Bulk Data format is defined in mattermost-server/app/import_types.go.

Users Migration

  • Both use bcrypt, so password migration is easy. No password reset required. :)